As apparent from their name, post-workout supplements are to be consumed after exercise. People in general put a lot of thought into their diet and supplement intake prior to working out. They err when they fail to give the same importance to their nutrient intake after working out. Replenishing the body’s requirement after exercising is as important as preparing the body before a workout is.

During intense physical activity, our body requires a lot from the body hence leaving the body depleted of a number of things. For instance, because of excessive sweating during exercise the body’s water electrolyte balance is disrupted. Besides, body stored glycogen reserves are also used up. To keep up with body’s increasing energy demand, it sometimes breaks down muscle proteins to use as an alternative energy source.

Post-workout supplements and muscle gain

Muscle gain and post-workout supplements go hand-in-hand. The amino acid content of the post-workout supplements aid the process of muscle recovery and muscle gain by influencing protein synthesis. For this reason, you need to make sure to consume protein rich workout supplements.

Replenish your energy reservoirs

The carbohydrate component of these workout supplements helps regain the body’s go energy source. It has been proven that after workout sessions our bodies are best able to utilize carbohydrates and proteins. So, it is advised to consume the said two nutrients in the narrow post-workout window.

Electrolyte Balance

Excessive sweating and muscle movement often leave our body depleted of essential electrolytes. These are chemical messengers of the body and their imbalance must be corrected by appropriate workout supplements.

Muscle repair

The BCAAs present in after workout supplements are involved in promoting the process of protein synthesis. This way these supplements initiate the process of muscle recovery and growth.

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