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Nitro tech by MuscleTech is a scientifically designed whey protein powder providing the cleanest protein sources whey peptides and whey isolate. Treat yourself with Nitrotech to enhance muscles growth, gain strength and boost your performance.

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Nitro tech by MuscleTech is the most advanced whey protein formula ever developed for athletes intending to gain muscle, strength and improve overall performance. MuscleTech is a brand that has redefined the science behind the manufacturing of sports supplements, particularly protein powders. Their products are developed after a thorough research process to ensure that they meet their intended purpose. MuscleTech has been in the market for more than two decades now and has the raised the bar with their cutting-edge products. provides you with 100% original MuscleTech products in Pakistan. Buy nitrotech 4lb at affordable price only in Pakistan at our online store. Supplementking also allows you to benefit from our 30-day return policy.

MuscleTech Nitrotech Nutrition Facts:

Before you add any of supplement to your diet, it is necessary to go through the nutritional details of the supplement. Here we have listed for you the nutritional facts of Nitrotech by MuscleTech:

  • Each serving of nitrotech by muscletech delivers 30g of protein that are easily digestible and quickly absorbed by the body to ensure immediate results. In a study conducted the subjects consuming this supplement gained 70% more lean muscle compared to regular whey
  • 3g of creatine monohydrate are included in each serving to ensure enhanced performance by replenishing the body’s ATP sources
  • 9g of BCAAs in each serving allow faster recovery and gaining lean muscle mass
  • Minerals are also present in this supplement including potassium, calcium, sodium, and iron.

Unmatchable Benefits of Nitrotech by MuscleTech:

Not sure about Nitrotech by MuscleTech?

The benefits of this protein supplement will help you decide:

  • The proteins that constitute Nitrotech are of high biological value. Whey peptides and whey isolate present are among the purest proteins made available to the athletes
  • Combination of creatine monohydrate with whey has been proven to be more beneficial in building muscle than the whey protein alone
  • With Nitro tech you get a range of amino acids including BCAAs, essential as well as conditionally essential amino acids.

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