Health and wellness may seem to have a similar meaning, however, they have been interpreted quite differently from each other. Health is a state of physical and mental well-being while wellness intends to promote that well-being

Health –is often considered a state of absence of any disease but along with that it also includes a sound mental, physical and social state. Wellness – on the other hand, refers to adopting various means to avoid any risk factors that may harm the health.

Benefits of dietary supplements in the maintenance of health and wellness

Our body requires several nutrients including minerals and vitamins to function properly. More often than not we fail to consume these in our diet. Thanks to the dietary supplements that are a combination of vitamins and minerals that all the needs of the body are met.

Some of the benefits of dietary supplements are:

  • Supplements rich in vitamins aim to free the body of oxidative stress resulting from intense physical activity
  • Cal/Vit-D supplements are known to maintain good bone health thereby preventing arthritis
  • Omega-3 supplements i.e. fish oils are good for cardiac health.
  • They are also proven to enhance the body’s immune response.
  • Correction of any kind of deficiencies in the body.

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