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Optimum Nutrition ZMA 180 capsule is very commonly used by adults and active individuals and helps in recovery and repair of muscles, increasing testosterone level and supporting immune system.


Magnesium and zinc are widely famous with athletes and active individuals and are very important factors in sports nutrition. Optimum Nutrition ZMA (Zinc Magnesium Aspartate) is actually a combination of vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc. This supplement is regarded as the formula which is used by body builders widely. This is one of the best supplements for mineral and vitamin support for active adults. This supplement can also be used by those men and women who are suffering from tiredness and lack of sleep. This supplement fills the gaps that are present in the micronutrient intake. These capsules play an important role in muscle strength as well as increasing the levels of anabolic hormone. These capsules mainly do not result in any side effects. ZMA helps in repairing the muscles of an individual and helps in deep sleep which is considered as an important factor during working out.

Optimum Nutrition ZMA 180 Capsules in Pakistan

This supplement is available in Pakistan in the form of capsules. Supplementking.pk provides you 100% original Optimum Nutrition ZMA 180 capsules all over Pakistan with free cash on delivery. Each available bottle consists of 180 capsules. You can get your order within two to three working days along with return policy. Our store provide ZMA 180 capsules at a price that is reasonable for the consumers

 ZMA Benefits:

  • Optimum Nutrition ZMA 180 capsules help in increasing the levels of testosterone, muscle repair and growth when used with routine exercise.
  • Zinc present in these capsules helps in supporting your immune system.
  • It helps in promoting the healing of those muscles which are damaged.
  • ZMA helps in promoting restful sleep which is beneficial for those individuals who suffer from insomnia.
  • Better results can be obtained when these capsules are stacked with HBM, glutamine, creatine or other recovery and strength products.
  • These supplements help in recovering and repairing your body before going to bed.


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