Amino acids are biological compounds made up of carbon, nitrogen , oxygen, and hydrogen. All the 20 amino acids in the body have the same general structure but differ in their side chains. Depending on their side chains they may contain sulfur too.

Different amino acids supplementking when linked together result in the formation of a protein. Besides being involved in protein synthesis, these acids also play several functions in the body including:

  • Hormone synthesis
  • Buffering the pH of the body
  • Act as neurotransmitters
  • Storage of nitrogen, and others.

Aminos are broadly categorized into two categories: essential and non-essential. 9 of the 20 amino acids are included in essential. They are called so because they must be consumed through the diet as our body is unable to synthesize these. These acids can be consumed either by carefully monitoring the diet or as buy amino acid supplements.

Why amino acid supplements are important for your workout sessions?

These acids play a vital role in the growth and repair of muscles. At times of extreme physical activity, the bonds holding the these acids together in muscle proteins are broken down resulting in muscle degeneration. Consuming adequate amounts of acids can initiate the process of hypertrophy which repairs as well as increase the growth of muscle cells.

If you’re someone who is into working out and engaging in exercises, then it’s time you consider taking buy amino acid online supplements. Some of the benefits of these are:

  • Branched-chain amino acids aid in losing weight
  • Preservation of lean body mass by preventing muscle breakdown
  • Speed-up muscle recovery post-workout
  • Prevention of DOMS

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