Ever wondered why workouts and muscle breakdown are intertwined? The reason for that is the production of free radicals. Strenuous and exhaustive physical activity results in the formation of highly reactive species called free radicals that in turn cause muscle damage.

Now the question arises, how to cope with that? This is where vitamins come into action. These are micronutrients that have antioxidant activity and scavenge the free radicals in the body.

Besides, vitamins are also involved in various other important functions including metabolism, bone and teeth strengthening, boosting of the immune system, and many more.

Although they have numerous important functions in the body, they are not synthesized by the body itself so they must be present in the diet. Multivitamins are supplements that are designed by combining different vitamins as well as minerals. As someone with a physically active routine, you need vitamins more than someone with a sedentary lifestyle.

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If you are someone who is really serious about his workout routine, then you must add multivitamins in your daily supplements specifically early in the morning before working out. These supplements are often overlooked when it comes to a fitness regime. Doing so results in going to waste of all the physical efforts as the body is unable to cope with the changes resulting from tough physical activity. Now, who’d want that?

Some of the benefits of taking multivitamins are:

Muscle Strengthening – multivitamins can help you strengthen your muscles by reducing the oxidative stress from the muscles caused by free radicals. If these free radicals are not effectively removed from the body, it can cause muscular disorders related to aging.

Muscle Build-up – this may sound strange but proteins alone are not enough to build muscles. Vitamins work alongside proteins in muscle growth and recovery.

Energy Boosters – vitamins are involved in several metabolic reactions. Deficiency of these can cause disturbance in the energy-releasing metabolic reactions.

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