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BPI Sports ISO HD delivers 100% pure whey protein that is taken up by the body immediately to aid in muscle recovery and growth.

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ISO HD by BPI Sports is a protein based supplement that will help you in your post-workout recovery thereby supporting lean muscle growth. BPI Sports is a brand that was launched in 2009 but since then it has bring forth products that are based on pioneer and trusted science under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Their products are ranked as the best nutritional supplements in the market designed specifically for athletes and bodybuilders.

ISO HD comprises proteins that are absorbed quickly by the body and hence enabling rapid muscle recovery. The proteins present are very simple including 100% whey protein isolate and hydrolysates. These proteins due to relative simple structures are taken up by the body immediately and provide rapid results.

Nutrition Facts of BPI Sports ISO HD:

Each serving of ISO HD provides 25 grams of 100% pure whey isolate and hydrolysate. Both of these are beneficial in their own ways.

  • 100% whey protein isolate –owing to its purity is taken up by the body quickly and initiates the process of protein synthesis to build lean muscle
  • Protein Hydrolysate – speeds up the absorption of amino acids into the body that aids muscle growth and recovery.

Unlike other supplements, ISO HD includes only 1g of sugar per serving.


Some of the benefits of BPI Sports ISO HD are:

  • Muscle Recovery – the presence of pure whey protein isolate enables the body to digest and absorb these proteins rapidly to initiate the process of muscle recovery
  • Lean Muscle Growth – proteins as the building block of muscles. Consumption of pure protein starts the process of protein synthesis that causes muscle to grow and gain strength
  • Aiding Weight Loss – protein consumption allows the body to feel more full and therefore it can help individuals intending to lose weight.

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