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The BPI Sports Bulk Muscle is the perfect way to get the protein you need is to augment with protein powders so you can get more variety.

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BPI Sports Bulk Muscle is the mass gainer you need if you want to get enormous, putting an end to time-wasting searches for the perfect mass gainer. The bpi Sports bulk muscle is best for you with your gym workout when you consume 50 grams of high-quality protein per serving, as well as 820 calories.

With carefully selected BCAAs, CLA, fibers, and a host of other nutrients, while keeping sugars and fats to an absolute minimum, its formula packs in all of the good stuff you need. Having a strong and powerful workout is possible with essential amino acids, which support muscle growth and recovery.

Nothing else matters except for strengthening muscles and recovering. Taste is not sacrificed. You shouldn’t hesitate to choose Bulk Muscle if you want big muscles.

Bpi bulk muscle ingredients

  • Lots of the beneficial and muscle strength ingredients are used in this mass gainer are
  • gluten-free maltodextrin,
  • protein powder (whey),
  • alkali-processed cocoa,
  • flavorings (artificial and natural),
  • lecithin (from soy), salt,
  • potassium acesulfame, and sucralose.
  • Super Carb MASS Blend, sweet potato, roasted peanut flour, Fiber Matrix (cellulose gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan gum), silica is also included in it.


bpi bulk muscle benefits

This mass gainer aids in building lean muscle by delivering more protein, more muscle-building carbs, as well as delivering more calories in a more enjoyable format, enabling you to get stronger and massive. Unlike your regular whey protein powder or whey protein extract, a mass gainer contains more calories per serving than regular whey powder.

In contrast to other weight gainer formulas, Bulk Muscle contains 100% pure protein, without the excess fat usually found in them. By increasing protein synthesis, preventing muscle breakdown, and speeding up the recovery process, BCAAs contribute to muscular strength and muscle mass.

With our nutrient-dense protein powder, each Slurpee is smooth, easy to drink, and blends in a blender, shaker, or spoon easily. With these lots of benefits bpi bulk muscle price in Pakistan is affordable. Taking one serving (about 3 tablespoons) of this product with 450 ml of ice-cold water at the beginning and end of the day is the recommended method of daily use.


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