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BPI Sports Whey HD is your ultimate whey protein solution that will help you in building lean muscle, post-workout recovery as well as weight loss.

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BPI Sports Whey HD is prime quality whey protein powder composed of milk and whey protein concentrates and isolates. This combination of proteins causes a controlled release of the proteins that support lean muscle growth. With its rich protein content, it can be consumed either after exercise to support muscle recovery by preventing muscle soreness or in-between meals as a replacement to allow losing weight.

it is among the top whey protein powders in the market. It offers benefits not found in other whey protein supplements. When it comes to other protein powders they contain an excessive amount of carbohydrates and fats. Whey HD, however, contains only beneficial ingredients that support muscle growth and recovery.

Some of the benefits of BPI Sports Whey HD are:

  • Muscle Recovery – each serving of Whey HD provides the consumer with BCAAs that help in muscle recovery after strenuous physical activity by preventing muscle soreness
  • Muscle Building – proteins as the building block of muscles are the main contributors towards building lean muscles.
  • Strength – Whey HD contains a unique enzyme combination that helps to fight muscle breakdown thereby increasing muscle strength.

Nutrition Facts of BPI Sports Whey HD that makes it stand out

this supplement is trusted worldwide by athletes and bodybuilders alike owing to its unique composition. Some of the nutrition facts of Whey HD that allows it to be the whey protein powder of choice of numerous consumers are:

  • Whey protein isolates are taken up by the body immediately thus allowing quick protein synthesis to cause rapid muscle growth and recovery
  • Protein concentrates on the other hand are digested slowly to continue the muscle growth process even after workout sessions.

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