Marketed by Iovate Health Science., Muscle Tech is one of the leading brands of dietary supplements. Introduced in 1995, Muscle Tech has made tremendous efforts to bring about the products that redefined the range of human potential. The establishment of MuscleTech was the first step of Iovate Health Sciences to provide supplements that would fulfil their claims.

Muscle Tech was initially launched with three products: Acetabolan, Hydroxycut, and Creatine 6000-ES. However, since its launch in 1995, The Company has brought out a range of products varying from protein shakes, bars, and nutritional beverages. MuscleTech has been able to get itself recognized on a global level with its thorough research and effort put into the manufacturing of its products. Their supplements are proven to meet the needs of consumers by improving strength, endurance, and muscular strength.

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