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It is the formula of the world’s leading athletes to maximize muscle mass, stamina, athleticism, and suppleness with Muscletech’s clear Muscle Next Gen Capsules.

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The Muscletech Clear Muscle Next Gen sports supplement is designed to increase the quantity and quality of muscle mass in your body. Beta TOR, a derivative of leucine and HMB, is an exclusive component of this supplement, while inhibiting the breakdown of muscle, it extends the process of protein synthesis in the body. For the fastest muscle recovery and amplification after a workout, choose MuscleTech Clear Muscle. Featuring Beta TOR, a bioactive metabolite of leucine and a free-acid HMB derivative, Clear Muscle helps you build strong muscle mass and gain strength. By taking this supplement, you’ll be able to grow lean muscle, improve your performance, and have better strength. Studies of Beta TOR have shown that it can increase protein synthesis and reduce muscle breakdown at the same time of over 70% and 58% respectively.

 Clear Muscle Next Gen benefits- facilitate muscle building by combating catabolism after each dose

The muscle-building supplement Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech can help you build a lean and muscular physique you have been dreaming of. Bettator, an exclusive ingredient in this formula, combines the abundant amino acid leucine with hmb and works as a complex energy booster. In this way, proteins are more easily synthesized in the body, preventing muscle breakdown at the same time. As a result, the individual is also more capable of demonstrating greater endurance, power, and flexibility. It gives you outlandish body mechanics and growth effects, thanks to this advanced ingredient.


A session of intense training is not possible without clear Muscle Next Gen Capsules by MuscleTech. If you want to be strong and have huge muscles, you should take in protein. Getting enough amino acids into your body always relies on great protein synthesis, it is because of this that they are crucial to muscle development. Your muscles increase in strength and size when they are present in order to regenerate and repair tissues. Supplementing your sports diet with this product will significantly enhance this nutrient’s synthesis.

What makes Clear Muscle Next Gen different from other musclebuilding supplements

  • Muscle’s recovery is facilitated by it.
  • Strengthens and makes you more resilient.
  • Performance is enhanced by it.
  • A rise in protein synthesis is caused by it


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