Nutrex Lipo 6 Hardcore 60 Capsules


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With the intense thermogenic effect of Nutrex Lipo -6 Hardcore, you can rest assured that your excess body fat will be burnt leaving you with the lean physique you so desperately desire.



Burning fat is something that people struggle with all the time. Lowering your daily calories intake and working may help you lose weight but it can be at the cost of losing muscle rather than fat. If you’re someone desiring a lean physique by shedding the excess body fat then Nutrex Lipo – 6 Hardcore is the right option for you. This powerful fat burner will help you lose weight by burning fat leading to lean muscle build-up. Its unique formula causes a thermogenic effect in the body that speeds up the metabolism. Besides, it also reduces appetite thereby reducing food cravings that aid in losing weight.

Nutrex Lipo – 6 Hardcore – Fat Burner of Choice:

Lipo – 6 Hardcore is a product that delivers the perfect fat burner formula in capsules form. These fat burner capsules will result in loss of fat while preserving lean body muscle. It’s a highly potent formula that drives the body to utilize fats as a source of energy instead of feeding on the protein reserves of muscles.

Lipo – 6 Hardcore combines various scientifically researched ingredients such as L – Tyrosine, Rauwolfia, and BioPerine to deliver 646.5 mg of the fat burner formula per capsule. Its fat-burning activity can be described in 3 main ways:

  • By increasing the metabolic activity of the body
  • Lowers the appetite that is crucial for maintaining an ideal calorie intake
  • Increases metabolism to keep the body supplied with energy that supports strenuous physical activity

Besides its benefits for losing weight, Lipo – 6 Hardcore helps the workout by increasing focus and enhancing mood. This helps you to really benefit from your workout sessions and burn fat to have a lean physique.

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