Muscletech Premium Mass Gainer 12 lbs


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Place your order now to get it delivered anywhere across Pakistan. Be the right kind of bulky with the high quality of quality calories present in Premium Mass Gainer by Muscletech.



Muscletech premium mass gainer is among the top rated weight gainers currently being sold  in the supplement market. Muscletech is a name that is trusted worldwide by fitness trainers and athletes alike. With every scoop of muscletech this mass gainer you are guaranteed the value to your money.

Looking for 100% original Muscletech Premium Mass Gainer in Pakistan?

If you’re someone on a hunt for the right kind of mass gainer then look no further because  has all the solutions to your problems. You can have access to the products of the leading brands currently selling in the supplement market. We offer free delivery all over Pakistan with 30-day return and replace policy. Put on those pounds that you’ve  been struggling with by adding this Mass Gainer to your diet.

Nutrition Facts make it the best!

It is really important to know what you’re  putting in your body whenever you decide to add a new supplement to your diet. When it comes to gaining weight one should not only be concerned about the quantity of calories but also their quality. Muscletech Premium Mass Gainer helps you increase your muscle mass by providing you with quality calories.

Let’s  dive into the details of nutrition facts of this mass gainer:

  • First and foremost, it provides 1460 quality calories per serving when combined with suitable exercise helps to achieve toned muscle mass.
  • Secondly, creatine monohydrate present in Premium Mass Gainer helps in increasing muscle strength and promotes recovery.
  • It contains 70 grams of carbs that provide the body with the energy required for muscle gain
  • 284 grams of quality proteins to provide the body with nutrients required for muscle growth by promoting protein synthesis.
  • BCAAs present help in preventing DOMS and fights muscle fatigue. They are also involved in activating enzymes responsible for building muscles.
  • It also contains the essential minerals and vitamins.



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