Nutrex Mass Infusion Advance Mass Gainer


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Nutrex Mass Infusion advanced Mass Gainer provides 50g of premium protein to fuel muscle growth and providethe necessary nutrients for athletes looking to gain weight fast to gain more muscle mass and power.

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A serving of Mass Infusion advance Mass Gainer provides for your body over 1120 calories and high-quality protein with the amount of 50 grams, as well as 200 grams of carbohydrates. Those who are looking to gain weight quickly, gain muscle mass and become stronger can benefit from this nutrient-rich formula. Three different proteins make up Nutrex Mass Infusion. Due to its high content of essential amino acids as well as BCAAs, Mass Infusion is very effective at fueling Building muscle and developing strength.

Aiming to maximize size gain in hard-gainers and athletes, Nutrex Mass Infusion is the ultimate supplement for mass gainers and athletes. It can be used as a meal replacement for post-workout or pre-workout. Mass Infusion can be consumed up to three times daily to maximize your gains as much as possible. When it comes to gaining quality mass, you need a high-quality weight gainer formula. This mass infusion price is not too high to be a financial burden.

Nutrex Mass Infusion advance benefits your muscles in an effective and protective way

It was specially designed for hard gainers and those who are always striving to gain muscle. To gain quality mass, you need a high-quality weight gainer that is effective and high-quality to ensure your gains are as big as possible.

The Mass Infusion, an outstanding weight gain formula contains 50 grams of protein quantity on every serving, essential for the body, providing your muscles with a boost of energy and strength. Nutrex Mass Infusion Advance Mass Gainer in Pakistan is available easily at online and offline stores. A nutrient-dense formula, it’s ideal for those seeking to gain weight fast so that they can gain strength and size. Those who are attempting to gain weight quickly will appreciate its 1120 calories and 200 grams of carbohydrates.

The important characteristics of this supplement are:

  • It provides every athlete 50g of superb quantity of Protein based on serving size which makes muscles strong and safe.
  • It is packed with 1120 calories and 200g of carbohydrates to complete your body needs.
  • It is rich in BCAAs and EAAs to strengthen the muscles.
  • The supplement is formulated according to the complete weight gain formula by keeping your body safe during hard workouts.
  • You will absolutely love the taste of it



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