Muscle Pharm Assault 30 Servings


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The unique composition of Muscle Pharm Assault benefits your muscles, boosting the activity of your brain and nervous system, giving you an increased sense of energy.

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Muscle Pharm Assault provides you with all of the additional ingredients you require to perform at their best. Aside from that, the product continues to work after you take it, allowing you to get the best results and grow to your full potential.

The five-phase delivery system in Assault promotes increased ATP levels, supplies amino acids to muscle tissue, stimulates the CNS and boosts the brain, promotes hydration to keep you energized, and activates insulin to promote energy production. In each serving, Assault contains proprietary formulations to achieve this.

You can perform more reps with heavyweights with the assistance of ATP, the primary source of energy for your muscles.

In addition to Carnosyn beta-alanine, red beet extract and dimethylglycine (DMG), MusclePharm Assault has other ingredients that boost ATP production.

The key nutrients in Muscle Pharm Assault

A supplement of beta-alanine before workouts can enhance performance and stamina, and it can also reduce acidity in the body. The red beet extract can help improve blood flow to muscle tissue by enhancing the production of nitric oxide (NO). Indicated by its name, DMG is a form of amino acid glycine that is helpful in promoting the immune system and strengthening the body. Each of these amino acids, in a nitrate formulation, delivers creatine, arginine, as well as branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

The ATP cycle is powered by creatine, an energy substrate. A lot of amino acids benefit blood vessel relaxation, which will allow blood, oxygen, and nutrients to reach working muscle tissue much more efficiently. Arginine is one of those amino acids.

BCAAs support workout intensity and muscle growth by bypassing the liver and going directly to muscle tissue. Its Ion-3 Nitrate Technology Matrix allows all of these supplements to be delivered and absorbed more efficiently into the body. Now Muscle Pharm Assault in Pakistan is easily accessible from our online store.


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