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BSN True Mass is your go-to mass gainer sure to bulk up your body by providing you with enough calories and the nutrients required by the body to undergo this change.

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BSN is a brand that has been around for quite some time now. Since its launch in 2001, it has earned the trust of customers worldwide owing to its high-quality products. BSN True Mass is the brand’s top-rated mass gainer. It is different from all other mass gainers in the sense that it not only focuses on its calorie count but also makes sure to provide the customers with all that is essential for gaining muscle and mass. It combines proteins and carbohydrates in a ratio that supports muscle gain. Besides, it also contains a suitable amount of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) that improves performance and fill the gaps in the diet. BSN True Mass has also been shown to influence some brain chemicals associated with focus during the workout.

Promised Benefits of BSN True Mass sure to help you gain weight

If you’re wondering about why BSN True Mass works, then question no more.

We have listed here for you the benefits of BSN True Mass that will definitely help you bulk up:

  • It combines 8 different beneficial proteins to meet the body’s required protein needed to build muscle. 50g of protein are provided per serving.
  • BCAAs present will help you recover faster to prepare you for your next workout session. Leucine’s presence acts as an initiator for the synthesis of proteins.
  • It provides 700 calories per serving to fuel your body with the required energy
  • True Mass utilizes Medium Chain Triglycerides as the fat source that acts as a natural energy booster and also cleans the gut
  • True Mass provides you with all the essential minerals and vitamins freeing you of the need for additional dietary supplements

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